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  1. I can put all the info. itll be alot though
  2. It is to share a great idea with the community. To share something most havent seen before. A server that is a few of its kind yet still great
  3. Ever wanted to lead a country to war and riches? Well now you can. Any questions about it can be answered here!
  4. Looking for people to join my custom pack server. Has all your war and building needs. You can even lead a country to war and to riches. contact me on skype: jordanninja89

    1. Torezu


      Just make a server post, hopefully after you read the posting rules and guidelines. Putting server ads in the Status Updates makes you look desperate.

  5. Need builders for america if interesred contact jordanninja89 on skype for details

    1. Kalbintion


      I hate having to add people on skype just because I'm interested in something. Defeats the purpose of the forums.

  6. Just get a different server simple as that. You can't force a server to change.
  7. President of the United States

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    2. Ysharma


      United States of Turtles?

    3. dwwojcik


      mm no, I think he meant America. I assume he meant America anyway.

    4. MaskMan14


      Hey guys! Lol yes It is America. Im president on my server and its my own modpack. Just message jordanninja89 on Skype if you want to join

  8. Username: MaskMan14 I will not grief in homeworld: Yes I will be polite and not swear in gen chat: Yes I will respect staff and listen to directions: Yes I will report and not abuse and bugs: Yes I will know the following rules:Yes I have ____ Tekkit experience: 4 years but I know all the mod packs and how to create anything
  9. I would play more but for some reason its always down when I get on. If its ads you need I suggest putting it on more forums and possibly putting for plugins to make it better. Message me for help
  10. Phantoms is reborn >:)

  11. Age: 14 IGN: MaskMan14 Time: est I have been playing minecraft since it came out! I love it! I know everything about it and the mo ds and packs! I've been playing tekkit every since it.came out too! Me and my.friends elite snipe and auto and me all play it together! I would dedicate about 4 hours a day granted a great which I'm sure it is! I'm a great player. I also have a YouTube account. I am full of honor and pride and will fight for my land and friemds
  12. I am MaskMan. I'm loyal. I love games! Tekkit galaxy <3 snipe Asle auto <3

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