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Hexxit crash trying to use Sphax addon


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Hello (I'm new by the way). Since I play hexxit i try to install the Spahx addon for the Texturepack and i do every thing like the text(below) says and when i acctivate it it works but wehn i want to go in a new world it crashed i would show you the latest crash report but i dont now how to add it.Who could help me?

  • Download the base texture pack for MC 1.5.2 from: http://bdcraft.net/purebdcraft-minecraft
  • Open the downloaded base texturepack in your favourite archive program such as 7zip or WinRAR.
  • Download the addon patch from this thread.
  • Open the addon patch zip and drag/drop the contents of the addon patch zip, and drop it inside of your base texturepack zip file.
  • Copy the zip to your Hexxit texturepacks folder.


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Hexxit eats up a good amount of RAM. I would suggest getting optifine installed then try using the texture pack



All you do is google optifine and on the 3rd hit should be optifine download click that and download the optifine what ever 1.5.2 then open it and drag and drop everything in the your hexxit modpack.jar or what ever its called that is located int he same folder as the minecraft.jar

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