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[HELP] Can't download the pack!


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make sure you have the most recent version of java.

(download java here:https://www.java.com/nl/download/manual.jsp )


if that did not work out try this:

1. Go to the setting under the B-team modpack tab (should be a small gear sign)

2. Switch from recommended to manuall.

3. Select 1.0.5

4. save

5. Hit play

6. should ask you to update and hit "update"

7. Play

8.Once in make a single player world

9. quit the client

10. Go back to setting and select 1.0.6

11. It should ask you to update once more, hit update and then play and now your playing on 1.0.6

12. (it may give u an error and ask if u want to proceed, just hit "yes")

Good luck!! I hope this helps

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