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World's Dissapearing


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Hey are any of you guys having an issue where the worlds are not showing up in the game?
When i click on my single player worlds, nothing is there anymore.
The world folder is still in my saves folder, but it isnt showing up in game.
I tried creating a new world and the just replacing the data in the new world folder with the data from my single player world data and then that world dissapeared as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i have put alot of time into my world and dont want to start over again

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I had this happen to me, but it was just 1 world after a random crash. My issue was Level.dat got deleted from the save file. I fixed it by making a new save, copy and pasting that save's level.dat to my old world. You lose your inventory, achievements, mapwriter info, etc. but you at least get to keep the world and anything you've made/stored in chests. 

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