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Attack of the B-Team crashes when joining a sub-server in a hub server.


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So, when I launch Attack of the B-Team, everything goes perfectly. I play in a hub server which the IP is "hub2.chillax-tech.com", when I join it, everything goes fine either, but when I join their PvP raiding server the modpack simply quits and head back to the launcher. It happens all the time. I've already checked the version, re downloaded everything, I don't know what to try anymore.

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How much ram do you have for your laucner?

I am on 3 GB now and it took me about 5 minutes before my client started working again and then i got logged out because of an Lost connection error. 

My CPU useage jumped to 100%for all 4 cores o.O when i joined the pvp bit.

i am trying to join again see what happens. 


If this happens with more ppl i think its a problem with the host.

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