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Hello all, just want to say that i am loving the mod pack, but i need help in installing an external mod. i would like to install the mod that finds the spawn chunks and then outlines the area. there is an existing mod that is on the vanilla minecraft mod site. i have downloaded and installed it to the best of my knowledge. but for some reason its not working. the reason i wish to install this mod is that after i originally spawned i was wondering around aimlessly and found a cave and sorta set up shop there. i now want to build my main base within the spawn chunk area so that my growable items will grow whilst im out and about. what i have done so far is installed the spawn chunk mod into the mods folder within the attack of the bteam mod is. so my mod path looks like this: F:MinecraftMinecraft Technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteammodsSpawnChunks1.164.zip. when i start the game it shows that there are 111 mods installed and 111 mods active, but the spawn chunk mod does not work. i even removed the mod and it still says 111 mods installed and active.

could someone please help shed some light on this subject?


thanks for any help, or tricks that will help me find the spawn chunks!!



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if you read a couple of posts on the minecraftforum where you got this mod you would have saw this post, along with many other similar posts as yours



Which says there is no forge version of this mod, which means you have to install it manually, now I haven't had to install a mod manually since 1.4.7, but iirc all that you needed to do was copy the contents of the mod into the jar file of the minecraft jar, though Im pretty sure forge tries to do that anyway (or atleast it used to) so it's probably no as simple as doing that.


If you are just playing singleplayer I would just recommend installing chickenchunks, which is forge compatible, will give you access to chunkloaders, and also gives you access to the /chunkloaders command which will show all loaded chunks (including spawn chunks)

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