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  1. I had the same problem and managed to reactivate the cheat mode toggles kinda by accident. When you open the inventory GUI, you'll see the OPTIONS button in the bottom left as usual. Click on that. At the top right of the options screen is a button that says GLOBAL. Click that (it changes to 'WORLD') then click on the Inventory button and you'll see the normal options but with a bunch of W's next to them on the left. Right click Left click on the "W's" to activate them. This will override the lockout on cheat mode. Go back one page and change the NEI option back to 'GLOBAL' (not sure if that p
  2. Okay, I don't think this counts as a bug, but it's certainly a bit strange. My compound was messed up by a Tornado before they changed the default config to stop damaging the landscape and when I was filling in the chasm it caused I decided to beautify the area around my house with the Stone Path blocks from the Mr. Crayfish's Furniture mod. I've since noticed that the hostile mobs seem to be confused by the paths. I just had a hoard of zombies and spiders making noise outside my house while I was trying to get stuff done and I decided to go out and slaughter them to get some peace and quiet.
  3. Well, you've just found the joy of using the Morph mod! The bracket keys ( thats the [ and ] keys) open the GUI for morphing. Just hit one of those then scroll up to your normal skin and left click your mouse. The modpack default setting is to automatically force you into the shape of a mob the first time you kill one (so you're safe killing skeletons until you run into a variant like the wither skeleton). I really like the Morph mod, especially for the ability to fly as a bat, but I hated the involuntary changes. You can get rid of that by editing the config file for the Morph mod (find the l
  4. Due to the fuel problems with Galacticraft in the Attack of the B-Team modpack, i was re-visiting the Lapitos Galacticraft Modpack. I'm just collecting resources and haven't gotten beyond the standard furnace and crafting table stage. I'm down in a strip mine at level 53 when I uncover a cluster of REDSTONE FURNACES! They seem to have spawned as if they were a group of ore blocks. Anyone else encounter this? I just dug down lower and found 3 more cluster of redstone furnaces! As amusing as this is, there must be some ore that was replaced by these furnaces so I think Lapitos Galac
  5. It happens on single play as well; if you shut down with anything in either type of compressor it's gone.
  6. BTW, you've got to check out some of the Weather mod items that are only available in creative mode. The Vector Tree is especially cool! Also, I was exploring in Bat form looking for oil when I discovered the path of the tornado that hit my house where it had passed through two slime islands and some Natura clouds. The ground was spotted with little rivers of liquid slime and I picked up 47 cloud blocks. For some reason they became item drops when they hit the ground instead of turning back into blocks like the other stuff picked up by the tornado. The remains of the slime islands up in the
  7. Well, I expect that since they already deleted the vehicles recipes that they didn't want in the pack, they decided to leave the parts section as is, rather than spend time specifically deleting the parts they weren't using.
  8. As I said earlier in the thread, BC pipes don't connect directly to the tesseract anymore. According to jakalth (above) if the receiving tesseract is outputting directly to a chest (or anything with an inventory) then you can put the sending tesseract on top of the quarry, but then you just have to have the diamond pipe/void pipe setup inside your base taking up space so I haven't tried his suggestion. I suppose once I get an Applied Energistics setup going that I'll be able to cut out the pipes and just store everything until it can be processed.
  9. Or you're not using the itemducts correctly. First of all: Only itemducts will connect properly to the Tesseract BUT itemducts don't connect to the Quarry! You'll need to either put regular Buildcraft pipes on the Quarry and run them to an inventory item (i.e. a chest) or just stick a chest directly on top of the Quarry. Attach the itemducts between the chest and the tesseract. After putting down the itemducts you have to whack the end attached to the source (the end next to the chest) with a crescent hammer (that connection should turn red). Then you have to supply a redstone signal (i.e. red
  10. The modpack has Thermal Expansion so you should be able to use Fluiducts to move liquids.
  11. I had the same problem. Turned out that only Thermal Expansion pipes (I.e. itemducts, fluiducts, and energy conduits) will work with the tesseract in the newest version. Other pipes LOOK like they've connected, but items back up just like you described.
  12. Not sure if your files are set up the same as mine, but I have to add external mods into >appdata>roaming>.technic>modpacks>attack-of-the-bteam>mods in order to get them to work. Hope this helps.
  13. Well you could do that, but it isn't simple. The varient ore spawning comes from the CofH mod. You have to go into the .config file for the cofh mod then go to the World Generation section where you can adjust which layers different things spawn in and how large the clusters are (but I don't really know what the values should be for 'vanilla' spawning rates). I suppose you could try deleting the cofh mod out of the pack, but I don't know if the pack would run properly after you did.
  14. It's awesome! But it can do a lot of damage. I was using my smeltery and saw a tornado form right off my island. Luckily, I had recently finished a building made of reinforced stone and glass for my Galacticraft machines and was barely able to force my way inside against the wind. I was glad I didn't head for my house: The building without a roof is my house, lol. I had a great view of the destruction through the blast resistant windows of my Galacticraft lab but I was too caught up in the moment to take a screenshot of that. It's going to be a royal pain dealing with that chasm that
  15. BTW, you can disable the function that instantly turns you into any new mob you kill. It can be pretty inconvenient sometimes (like turning into a zombie when you're standing in sunlight!). Just find the .config file for the Morph mob and there's one of those true/false lines that controls that. It won't affect changing when you want, just stops the automatic morph.
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