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  1. I manually updated the projectRed on my pack and some reason it made my game extremely laggy. Maybe I did something wrong, I will revert back and wait for an official modpack update.
  2. Yeah something is really bugged with galactic craft and thermal expansion energy combatibilty. I was able to get infinite energy with a solar panel hooked up to a thermal expansion energy cell. There are few other ways to get infinite engery using a combination of thermal expansion conduits with Aluminum wires too.This is not just isolated to the Attack of the B-team pack since I was able to do the same thing in the newest version of Tekkit.
  3. I too have this problem with Project red transport's routed request pipe. I really like to keep packs up to date but since all my items are stored with Project red's system I had to downgrade to 1.0.9 and hope this will get fixed.
  4. I don't miss buildcraft at all. The biggest use I got of of Buildcraft was the quarries but for me they tended to stop me from caving since I had all the raw resources I would ever need. I think this pack gets around no quarries by the great ore spawn generation which makes it rather fun to spend even a few minutes caving and getting plenty of resources you need for a while.
  5. Oh, I think I downgraded to 1.6 because I read somewhere that 1.7 caused some performance issues. However, I will upgrade back to 1.7 so I can keep playing. Thank you very much! EDIT: Yep, upgraded Java and I am able to play the new pack version. I feel rather silly for not realizing this was the problem. Thank you again.
  6. Mine is crashing on startup too. Here is the only log I can find which I think is similar to yours. I have redownloaded the pack twice with the same result every time. Edit: I then reverted back the 1.0.8 pack and it would not startup either so I reinstalled the launcher and was able to start the 1.0.8 version. I tried updating and it doesn't want to start again. Strange. Edit 2: I even tried reinstalling the launcher and selecting the 1.0.9 version first and it still doesn't want to start up.
  7. There seems to be a glitch with NEI where you type something in it has a blank page. You have to click the next arrows to get it to reset or something.
  8. matt8348


    A computer is much more than just RAM. Your friend most likely has a faster CPU and video card. Tell us the rest of your computer specs and then we could help you start to figure out why it is slow.
  9. While certainly offical Minecraft updates have broken mods the OP was talking about mod updates which some have changed dramatically like thermal expansion thus breaking old version worlds.
  10. I haven't tried messing with Galacticraft machines yet but this problem certainly sounds like the same problem the Attack of the B-Team pack is having with the same mod. Someone using that pack "fixed" their problems by manually downgrading their Galacticraft jar in the modfolder.
  11. I'm having similar issues too but my computer is not as good as yours so I just assumed that was the reason for my issues. I get decent framerate (anywhere from 60-100) but every now and then there is like you said lag spikes. What is strange is that I did not have this problem when I was playing 1.5.2 version of the Tekkit pack but I did when I updated the pack to 1.6.4. So makes me think 1.6.4 version of minecraft causes some of these issues for some people. What seems to calm down these lag spikes is defragging my hard drive. Normal Windows defrag doesn't really help but I use a program called MyDefrag and it seems to work better. Again doesn't get rid of the lag spikes for me, but does reduce them a little bit.
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