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tekkit Server hosting


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At first -> sorry for my bad english :D


I updated my tekkit with the technic launcher to version 1.2.5b with minecraft 1.6.4.


But now i can´t find any  server files for that version? Can i play only in local network or with hamachi and so shit ?


Can anybody help me with that problem ?


thanks so much



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I have no definition for "rootserver".

Either you mean "run as root" in linux (which I wouldn't recommend for security reasons).

Anyway hosting via hamachi will work (more or less) depending on your network capability and server performance.

You want a permanent server (so you'll need the tekkit server jar) or just be able to have your friends connect?

Having the specifics for the machine you want to use to host would help, and how much people you expect would connect.

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