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Powering a quarry with an Advanced Solar Panel?


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Hey gang, just wondering if it's possible to use the Advanced Solar Panel from Galacticraft to power a quarry? I've tried Redstone Energy Conduits to connect the solar panel to the quarry, no luck there. I have also tried Heavy Aluminum Wires, and that doesn't work either. I'm using the most recent Tekkit version and I don't see any type of method to convert EU (From the solar panel) to MJ (Quarry needs this to run). Any help is much appreciated, thank you!

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redstone conduit will convert on the fly, even one link


I am using those solar panels and conduit into a tesseract no issues


did you activate the solar panel? I found out the hard way you have to go into each panel and turn it on. It should be on by default, I mean seriously why would you place it down if you didn't want in on. silly thing

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