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High CPU Usage


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Hi Guys,


I'd like to contribute to this. The Attack of the B-Team system doesn't always have to be server-side issues. I use a paid-for server and have asked for them to update the modpack on many situations. I have tonnes going on from ground level. Never altered any of the mods, nor asked them to be. I have got galacticraft, tropicraft, necromancy, tinkers, archaelogy, even the qCraft modpacks all running simultaneously on the ground level. There's a lot of stuff running. Only time I get maxed CPU usage is when I fly HIGH into the air as a bat. Once I breach 240 blocks from ground, I start to get SERIOUS lag, and this isn't just affecting one processor. all EIGHT of my cores are hitting 90-100% for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. My specs are a 3.5GHz octocore processor, 10GB of RAM, 3GB DDR5 HIS Radeon 7950 Graphics card. I have flown full speed through the level and chunk generation has worked just fine. It's just when I hit towards that level, I'd say watch yourself from 200 blocks upwards, but since we have 256 block construction height, that's a fair drop in our build layers. I've lowered all graphical settings to minimum (which is ridiculous for my PCs capabilities) but still getting it. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but every mod has worked just fine for me until I got to that point. I'd recommend checking your constructions using the F3 key (Windows, unsure about Linux and/or Mac) and see if they hit 200 blocks or higher. This may be causing issues and if so, I'd recommend keeping it below until we can figure a way to fix that.

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