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World Crashes Need Help!

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Hi, I have spent a max of ten hours, just on this one world. It was working fine this morning. I was playing around with advanced genetics, and now it won't even load the world. I can load other worlds just fine,  but the world that I care about doesn't. I click the world it gets to building terrain and then it says "Shutting Down Internal Servers." and It closes the world and goes back to the launcher. I'm really pissed off, I was so happy once I finally got it to stop saying out of memory. But now I have that feeling again. if anybody has any ideas I'd really appreciate it. Thanks :frogdowns:

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Game just crashed on me... no internal failure or anything just went back to the launcher screen for me... opened the game back up and went to start playing my world again. Which... no saves were found... opened up the folder containing the files of my save. which were there... my map and everything... but the game wont recognize it...?

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