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Mod Pack Download Help!!!!


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everytime i try to download my mod pack with the url it says could not download from the dropbox link i put in and says to contact the author (me). ive tried just about everything when it comes to sharing link on dropbox and none of the link will work so i am wondering how the hell i can get it to work so i can download it and play it. What am i doing wrong or what do i need to do??

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Can you say how you made the file? That would be useful.


For your use, I'll put how I made my modpack.


I made a folder on my desktop named modpack, but you can name it anything. Then I created 3 folders inside of it, config, mods, and bin. then I downloaded the necessary forge version, (by the way, did you check to make sure all your mods were the same version?) and added it to the folder. You might want to make sure not to run it. I then renamed the forge "modpack". I added all my mods into the "mods" folder I made, then put the forge installer (now named "modpack") into the bin folder.

After that, I deleted the config file (I don't know why I had to do this, I was simply told to). I then selected the two remaining folders and right clicked them. I hovered over "Send to" then clicked "compressed zip file". I then created a drop box account and enabled Public Folder (or something like that, the way I did this was by looking at the comments of the video I was watching and clicked a link someone made to enable it. link --> https://www.dropbox.com/enable_public_folder ) I couldn't find the public folder so I made one named "public". I then added the modpack zip folder. I copied the download link (witch was hard to do as I have windows 8 and was using the internet explorer app. I clicked the file, then right clicked "download", and finally clicked "copy link"). After a long 2 hours, (mainly downloading mods and trying to find out witch ones worked and witch ones didn't, by running them in my actual Minecraft) I went to my technic account and created a new modpack. I then edited it and pasted the download link into the modpack location. I clicked save modpack, went to my technic launcher, added the pack, and it worked. I hope this helps, and I know it's long, but it was hard to say in words. maybe watch Donkeypanic's video on how to make a modpack? Anyways, good luck!

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