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Craft Recipe Help?


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I'm pretty sure my problem is just operator error, but I can't find anything about this elsewhere. I'm not sure how to get the block recipes when you click them in your inventory? If I click the side inventory with ALL the blocks it gives me a stack of whatever block I clicked, and 111 with shift click, and 1 with control. I thought maybe it was my cheat settings, so I went out and created a new world with no cheats specifically and it did the same exact thing. I looked around and no one seems to have similar problems? I don't know. Can someone tell me how to get the craft recipes, like shown here?


In addition, I seem to have a problem adding favorites to the morph mod. The ~ key doesn't work. Help?

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Hover over the item and press "r".

If you want to see what recipe the item is used in, press "u".


You can change the setting of NEI by clicking in the left lower corner and then it pops up a menu. I don't offhand know the button names as I don't really fiddle with the settings.

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