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combustion engine cooling *solved*


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im running a local server for me and some freinds were using the current launcher version of tekkit lite.

the problem is the wiki states a water pump with 4 redstone engines can supply upto 3 combustion engines with water so they do not overheat,

yet we have 1 (pump) with 4 redstone engines (red flicker) feeding water to 2 combustion engines and after around 5 minutes the water usage catchs up and they run out of water and begin to overheat and eventually explode (lost our first 2 this way).

the second is powered by a combustion engine feeding 2 other combustion engines (not same circuit as first pump) and that still does not provide enough for them and they eventually overheat/explode.


all pipes are evenly distributed and no one engine is getting more than another, yet they all run out of water and we have to monitor them continously which defeats the ponit of an automated machine.


so what could we be doing wrong that is making them use far more water than i we give them?


edit: the redstone powered pump is 9 pipes away from each combustion engine and the combustion powered pump is 8 away from each pump.


SOLVED!: realised that i was using cobblestone piping and i should have used gold, didnt see it on the wiki.

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