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Dragons no longer hover in mid-air.


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Hi, I've been playing with the dragon mounts on my whitelist server (which i host on my PC) and i've noticed that none of my dragons will hover mid-air when i let go of the buttons. Previously, when in the air and i let go of the controls the dragon would slow to a stop and just hover in the air, but now after afking at an exp-farm both my dragons tp'd to me and now no longer hover anymore. If i am no longer holding the fly/space bar both of my dragons begin to decend. Other players arent have such difficulties, and its only happening to me with the dragons and not when i'm morphed or flying my archemdies ships.

Any ideas?

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I did notice if you get off the dragon while it's descending it keeps remembering that you had the descent key pressed, pressing it again returned them to default behavior for me.  Can you try flying up in the air, then using the controls to descend (rather than waiting for it to sink) and see if that fixes it?

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