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[1.0.9C] HardCore Server- NO WHITELIST - Factions - PvP - Grief - Stealing - No lag - 250 Slots - No lag!

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Direct IP: hc.legendaryempire.net

Lobby IP: hub.legendaryempire.net


Key features:

- Factions

- PvP

- No lag

- Stealing

- Griefing

- Anti spam



- Do not spam in the chat or advertise

- Do not exploit bugs


Member app:

(You need member to do /tpa)

*In-game name:

*What do you think about the server:

*Suggestions for the server:


Gresko, Its a very fun server awesome and no lag you need to get an aux plugin

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I love pvp/grief servers with factions where I can play with my numerous friends. I mean 2 friends is a TON, probably more than anyone else has.



I suggest less lag but that's a given for ANY server.

But ya know, i cant really suggest anything else because it's already AMAZING! :D

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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