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[1.0.9C] HardCore Server- NO WHITELIST - Factions - PvP - Grief - Stealing - No lag - 250 Slots - No lag!

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In-game name: Fidde992

*What do you think about the server: The server looks really nice i love that its not lagging not even a little. Its really cool and im going to tell my friends to join it!

*Suggestions for the server: Would be really cool if there was malls!

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*In-game name: martin62402 (no caps)

*What do you think about the server: this is the best server ever (except a few players when i ask a question they reply "My PEN15"

*Suggestions for the server: being able to vote to kick people and minions mod

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*In-game name: Thievingnoob

*What do you think about the server: Well first of all I was skeptical about joining a PVP server but then I started getting into it. I only got griefed once but It wasn't too bad, I'm already at stages of going to space now. This also allows me to play with a few of my friends which I play with on this server. So, I really like this server.

*Suggestions for the server: 

A few things I can suggest is trying to fix the crashing problem. It can get a bit irritating when it crashes over and over. Another one I can give is Maybe make it so Mobs are more common? (Enemy mobs) Maybe it is just me but I never can find that many enemy mobs.


Maybe the second suggestion isn't that great but I tried to think of thinks to Improve the server. Thanks

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Becoming member

In game username: Dragonnable

Why this is the best server: I really enjoy playing on this server as it has almost no lag and I have never not been able to join. I like how the community can interact with each other to.

Suggestion: I would really recommend it if we could have the plugin for faction, this allows the player to only chat in their faction so we don't have to always do /msg to tell something private. Link:  chathttp://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/factionchat/ 

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Hey, posting for Membership.


So ffinally found a server that isn't purely a Factions PVP Grief Raiding bratfest in the modpack I'm into...that's also Protected because I swear to everything I have a life and I don't have time for some brat that gets off on harassing unsuspecting folk when there's a lack of proper staff most the time. I'm not asking for the record, I'm on permanent vacay. I've done my time. Also, I understand the server's not "done," I do, I've been there, but there's some glaring problems that can be easily resolved. I don't want to be that one person that argues and causes a headache but I have some suggestions.


So, for one, you have an excessive need for Teamchat. The chatspam. All those kids.


Update the friggin forum postings. That's how people find you. The RIGHT people. You have so many people cycling through that aren't, it's bad for community morale.

When I was shopping for a good AotBT server Google ultimately lead me here: http://attackofthebteamservers.com/server/129/view/legendary-empire-atb-server-no-whitelist

If the right people find the right server, they find it worth it to maybe pay for perks... Basic, profitable modus operandi, no? Anyway...


RedProtect. Gawd that, I could say things about the holes in that plugin, but it's your choice to use it. Ahem. Really, the basic minimum for land claim, I couldn't even protect the barest minimum of what I wanted which is actually kind of sad. << And I live on one of the lovely biome replacement chunk errors that are all over the server. RedProtect errors with a message giving me coordinates whenever I try to claim it. Never had that issue with Grief Prevention (golden shovel one--you can change it to any shovel though, gold would be fine considering this modpack's ore generation) so yeah personal opinion.


Overall, I like this server a lot. I want to stay. Even found a friend my age (AKA not a PVP teen or minecraft brat) that isn't  jerk. Don't ruin it. xD


IGN: Lady_Stormdancer


Don't be alarmed if I take an active, subtle, occasional role in peacekeeping. Don't give me Moderator. I do it on my own time at my own leisure these days. Thought I should give you a heads up. xD Well, rambling, I'm in the middle of baking and it's done. My regards. <3

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