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Hello everybody of Attack of the B-Team my name is Jake. I'm creating and running a new upcoming Attack of the B-Team server for everybody to enjoy. Though this will be the first time we expand into Attack of the B-Team we hope to provide the best service for all you people out there to enjoy your experience and have fun experimenting the new mod pack with your friends. We are a part of the Kingston Gaming Community which has a great deal of experience hosting servers and having many dedicated teams in different games not just Minecraft/Technic.
[Why us?]
I'm sure you've heard servers saying they have the best staff and best server. Unlike other servers we actually are dedicated to make sure what we say is true. Don't believe me? Ask some of our players yourself. Sure we're not the biggest/greatest server in the world but we are a small community that actually care for our players. We like to play along with the players so they know we are a community that will always be united.
[Current Status] Want to be staff? Go to our website and apply, and join our TeamSpeak server for a better chance of becoming staff.
IP- bteam.dailyslayers.net:25571  or
TeamSpeak 3 Server-
*If the custom Ip does not work try the regular one.
-Higher slots (Completed)
-Hire Staff (Semi-Completed we still need more!)
-Add McPc (Added)
-More Events (Coming Soon!)
Command Signs
Item Restrict
Killer Money (gives you money for killing mobs)
RandomTP (Click a sign at spawn and get tp'd far out into the world to help start off your journey)
Rules are very important within our community since it helps keep order and provides safety for players and staff members. By joining our servers you agree to all rules. The rules can be changed at anytime for the better of the server. For a more up to date list please look on our website. For now please read and memorize the following rules.
No griefing near spawn
No building near spawn 
No spamming
No asking for OP, Ranks, or Items
No using exploits/hacks
No harassing other players
Respect all players/staff
PvP and Raiding is allowed but please don't abuse new players. Let them have a chance to build.
Be ethical
No advertising other servers
[banned Items]
Things are banned because they are overpowered, cause lag, crash the server, or bypass protections:
All Bombs
SPAMR Launcher
All dubstep guns
Bat Killer gun
Oven (Mr Cray Fish Furniture Mod)
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