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Am I Doing Something Obviously Wrong? (Can't connect to own Server, Minecraft Application keeps crashing).


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I'm trying to start a new Galacticraft Server for myself and two others.

I have downloaded the Server off the Technic Website (1.2.6b) and have ran the Launch (.Bat) file which has sucessfully loaded all of the Mods and generated the World. I've also gone into the Server Properties file and copied over my IP (That is set up with Hamachi) and saved.

However, when I load up Minecraft (Through the Technic Launcher with Galacticraft Mod Installed) I go to Multiplayer and try to connect to my Server, but then my Minecraft just crashes. I've also got one of the others to attempt to connect and they have the same result.

Any ideas what's going wrong?

I've attached a screen-cap of the Launch (.Bat) feed incase it helps. Thanks.



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Generally it is best to leave server-ip= blank in server.properties, so minecraft can bind to ANY IP on your computer. Better that than to specify a wrong IP.


Where are you getting that IP from (which is a UK Ministry of Defense IP)? UK Ministry of Defense or US Dept. of Defense IP addresses are sometimes used by mobile phone companies (like T-Mobile) for their internal mobile data network because they are not actually used on the internet and to avoid conflict with normal private IP ranges for WiFi. But I have never used Hamachi, so I do not know if it also uses such IP addresses. In any case, that IP address is not directly accessible from the internet, it is behind another router or the Hamachi VPN.


Once you blank out server-ip= in server.properties and restart the server, see if it runs properly and if you can connect to its LAN IP from another computer on your LAN. When you are sure that is working and not firewalled locally, you can try to figure out the Hamachi end of it.

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