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Attack of the b team server on mac


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So I'm running an attack of the b team server on mac, it won't let me start it. I tried making a start.command file connected to the BTeam.jar but its really laggy and I had it 3G. The launch file shows as launch.sh and won't open when I click it. It just opens the Xcode application. How do I fix this?


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It's hard to say. I've had issues with past servers most likely due to some random mistake I couldn't identify and the quickest way to fix it is just delete it and do it again.  


Mine is just set up with the standard star.command file: 

cd "$(dirname "$0")"
exec java -Xmx4G -Xms4G -jar BTeam.jar nogui
and double clicking on that executes it properly and starts the server.    This mod pack does seem to be more resource intensive than most for whatever reason, and it sounds like a bit of lag is common.  
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