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  1. You plant them under trees and they spread. They are to feed dinosaurs.
  2. In the config folder (which is found via %appdata% on pc or library/application support on mac if you aren't sure) there is a worldofdinos.cfg which has a list of biome ids where dinos spawn. I removed ,206,207,208,209 from that list. To find out which biomes are which, in the config go to the Tropicraft folder and open Misc.cfg and the biome ids and descriptions are listed there. That's what worked for me. Dinosaurs are restricted to the rainforest areas and not the beaches/oceans which allowed other mobs to spawn.
  3. It's hard to say. I've had issues with past servers most likely due to some random mistake I couldn't identify and the quickest way to fix it is just delete it and do it again. Mine is just set up with the standard star.command file: #!/bin/bash cd "$(dirname "$0")" exec java -Xmx4G -Xms4G -jar BTeam.jar nogui and double clicking on that executes it properly and starts the server. This mod pack does seem to be more resource intensive than most for whatever reason, and it sounds like a bit of lag is common.
  4. Use [ key to pull up the morph menu.
  5. I'm running mine on a mac and have given it 4G. In all other respects I've set it up exactly as I have any other minecraft server. Have you given start.command permissions to run?
  6. I found just what I was looking for, and nearby were several herds of different varieties of horses. Then this happened...
  7. I haven't had any time to play it since I posted this, but I started a new game in single player with all the biomes spawning dinosaurs, and it did also spawn iguana, monkeys etc (although no sea life - no stingrays or swordfish at all). So I dunno - must have just been an abberation for no known reason. One thing it may have been is that my Tropicraft world is all tiny islands with no large land masses in the area, so perhaps there just wasn't enough land for a variety of mobs to spawn? haha yeah, I read that in another thread. Working as intended.
  8. What's the 'anything' you can't find? In another thread someone mentioned that Titans were the only vehicle enabled, to fit in with the theme of the pack. If you pack your swear jar away and think about it, you could have just added the vehicles you wanted to your copy of the mod pack.
  9. I thought i'd just bump this topic rather than make a new one as it's related. While I love the dragons in Tropicraft, I found that the game was only spawning dragons in there, and no other mobs. There were mammoths on the roof of a tribe hut, teams of Brachiosaurus denting up the beaches and then that fun thing where I'd disembark onto an island only to be staring a t-rex in the face, that was invisible moments earlier. I spent a long time hunting around and didn't see a single monkey or iguana. What I've done is remove the tropical biomes from the spawn info and just left them to spawn in the rainforest biomes, then refreshed the dimension and on reloading there were other mobs around. I still haven't found any turtles or frogs though, and I'm wondering if they are a rainforest mob and that's why? Is there a way to reduce the dinosaur spawn rate as well as restricting their locations?
  10. This happens to me every time I load the game. The knapsack is still there if I go into the armour GUI, but it doesn't display as being there until I refresh it each time.
  11. Check you haven't accidentally turned touchscreen on in the options menu. I did that once and the same thing happened. Drove me crazy until I realised.
  12. It seems like a really cheaty feature at first, but in mod packs that don't have quarries and advanced sorting for all the extra crap you get out of a quarry, it's really handy to have it so you can get stuck into the mods and reduce your vanilla mining time.
  13. LOL why are you even in this thread? You appear to have joined this forum solely to attack one member and righteously defend the OP. I'm assuming you're either the OP's sockpuppet since the alternative is you're just some random out wandering the internet with a burning desire to finish a whole row on your internet bingo player's card.
  14. Fair enough but you weren't clear about that in your post and clearly others read it the same way i did: So now you've clarified that by 'the peek' you mean that hexxit had no glitches or faults on launch and has required no updates since. From what I can see from the launcher, hexxit is now on its 10th update. So I'm not even sure what your meaning is now. Yes, this mod pack has had some faults and needed updates soon after launch. However, I disagree with your comparison to Battlefield 4. You aren't paying for this mod pack. It's a community built project and it's not at all like paying for a game and finding it full of glitches that makes it barely playable. The bottom line is, if the mod pack appeals to you, play it. If it doesn't, find another pack. For me this has some interesting mods that I haven't seen before and isn't just a rehash of the same old with one or two new ones added, so has potential to be really fun.
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