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  1. (I apologize if this is not the proper place to post this topic, I would've put this in Cafe Lame, but it's full of spam right now, and I fear it would just be "pushed aside".) I recently threw a custom modpack together, and there seems to be a mod that causes fireworks to be set off whenever I gain an achievement. I've done a bit of research already, and it seems that a mod called ttCore is the culprit. The problem is, I don't have this mod in my modpack, and there don't seem to be any relevant config files for it. Any clues on what could be the cause?
  2. I apologize in advance there is a more appropriate area to post this topic, please let me know if there's a better place to post this topic. Recently, I've noticed that modpacks are appearing as "Offline" for me and they're appearing as such quite frequently. I can still launch modpacks that I've downloaded, of course, and everything functions fine, but the problem I'm having is that whenever I launch a modpack that's offline, I don't get any sound in game. I'm guessing that sounds are downloaded during the initial launch of the modpack, but it isn't able to while it's offline. So I'm
  3. IGN - Rezeero_ Age - 19 Favorite Mod in B-Team - Thermal Expansion What do you like to do in Servers? - Build (Isn't that what the game is about?) Why do you want to join my server? - I'm looking for a good server to join that seems well-maintained; this seems to meet that desire. I can also agree with rules. Skype? (no need to list your skype here, ill pm you) - I do have Skype, but no mic. (That will change shortly) Favorite Color - Not a single favorite, but I like the purple to orange spectrum (purple/red/orange)
  4. IGN: Rezeero_ Age: 19 Time Zone: MDT Have you ever been banned from a server?: No How long have you played Minecraft?: Since Beta 1.4 Any additional information you'd like to add: I haven't played AotBT in a while, and I'm looking forward to trying multiplayer with these few new updates; this seems like a good, professional server to help me get back in the game!
  5. Hey guys, thanks for your replies. As Kalbintion said, I can force some of the texture to load, but not all; it seems that I can only force mob textures in, but not the chest textures. For now, I'll probably just ditch Optifine, but if any of you ever hear of some sort of fix for these bugs, do let me/us know. Thanks again for your feedback.
  6. IGN: Rezeero_ Reason you want to join: This seems like a friendly, professional server, and I can agree with the rules. (And I'm in desperate need of a good server.) Age: 19 Favorite Mod: Thermal Expansion Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Build! Youtube: None Building Ability on Scale of 1 to 10: 7 Time Zone: MDT Do you want to participate in the UHC?: Maybe. (I suck at PvP, so I'll decide later)
  7. In-game name: Rezeero_ Name we can call you in chat: Rezeero or Rez (Don't care) Age: 19 What mod you'd like to focus on: Thermal Expansion Your favorite color: Red/Orange When you say there are no plugins, that means it is 100% "vanilla"? Not even Bukkit? (Just want to be sure)
  8. Hello community! I recently installed Optfine HD_U_D1 (1.6.4) for my AotBT client. When I started playing, I noticed there were a few strange visual bugs going on. The first one I found was that my right arm was missing, both in first person and third. However, I managed to fix this simply by morphing into something, then morphing back to human; no big deal. But I also noticed all of my chests are acting strange... All single chests appear to be missing half their texture, and double chests are missing their entire texture (except for the little latch in the front). This only appears
  9. You know, I'm sure you're not as bad as you say. I should've been more specific, the type of staff I'm not confident in are the ones who act like 12 year olds, can't type properly, and think it's funny to use their 'power' in abusive ways. I'd still like to give this server a try, if that's alright with you.
  10. Minecraft Name: Rezeero_ Skype Name: Rezeero_ (It should be noted that I do not have a working mic, but that will change in about 2 weeks) Age: 19 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): 8 Favorite Mod: Thermal Expansion Do you plan to record?: No What does Zaepora love?: Ocelots What do you like to do in Minecraft?: Build. (Check the last question) Why do you want to be on our server?: It seems professional, polite, and at least fairly well-maintained. What else should we know about you?: I am a builder, I think Minecraft is meant to be about building and building only. Mods are
  11. It seems that there is a whitelist for the server. How does one apply/become whitelisted?
  12. This is a great server, I recommend it to anybody looking for a simple, well-maintained server. The grief-prevention is amazing. We're few in numbers, so come on in and join the fun!
  13. I'm not sure if you are someone who can whitelist, but if you did, you may have spelled my name wrong. (Judging by your most recent post)
  14. I realize a duplicate of this topic was somehow made, I apologize, I can't seem to delete the dupe.
  15. Is it possible to disable the mod that creates the sounds for waterfalls, without disabling anything else? I personally find them quite loud and fairly annoying, especially since removing the waterfall still leaves the sound. It's not a big deal if it can't be done, but any help regarding this would be appreciated.
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