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  1. What was it? I'm having huge issues
  2. I am running into a situation where someone is causing grief by spawning wither bosses and leaving them in people's houses. Is there a mod or a plugin that will let me track this activities?
  3. I think we got spoiled with the monthly updates that we have had prior to 1.0.11. I suspect there are many who are curious due to the troubles with some of the mods in 1.0.10b. I would love to update my server to the test version currently up but I haven't figured out how to make it happen on fragnet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Thank you for asking this. I wanted to ask but didn't want to seem to be an impatient jerk who didn't respect the devs. Let's hope it comes together soon!
  5. Khalessi: Welcome to the server! Christian: Lady Z Dougiebone will be in contact with you when he gets a chance. You can drop me a pm with your skype name if you like. Trent: What else can you tell us bout you? Can you flesh out your app at all?
  6. Rezeero- I regret that I can be immature and cocky at times:) I'm also a bit of a smartass. While my server has a great community filled with wonderful people, I am not sure that it is what you are looking for. Good luck finding the server you seek! Khalessi- Lady Z will be contacting you soon:)
  7. Recruiting for the Lost Lands server... reposted to fix forum heading: We have room on our Minecraft survival server for a few more people... especially YouTubers! We feel that half the challenge in Minecraft is found by playing without cheats. Therefore cheats, beyond what the Attack of the BTeam mods allow, will not be permitted. In addition, the following rules apply: Have Fun PVP is allowed as long as all parties voluntarily agree to participate ahead of time Witchery Mod is allowed as long as the above rule is followed Prank wars are allowed and encouraged as long as all parti
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