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Severe Lag everytime I try to play?


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I'm trying to play the B-Team pack with my boyfriend on his server. He runs the server from his laptop. He did this before with Technic too, and me and another friend of ours could play perfectly fine on it, no real lag problems. But he just created a new server for B-team a few days ago, and from the start, as soon as me or our friend tries to get on it too, we experience EXTREME LAG, to the point where it's simply unplayable. We'll simply try to turn to change our view and it takes almost a minute to slowly turn. It's absolutely ridiculous, and I want to try the B-team with him pretty badly. Any suggestions or troubleshooting advice on how to fix my problem, so that I can play the B-team normally? Could it be an issue with my computer or is there something else?

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