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[1.6.4]The Immortals[PvP][50 slots][Open][ImmortalsWarpack]

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Modpack link- http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/immortals-warpack.246187


Server ip: s8.hosthorde.com:25691


The server rules are


-No Duping

-No griefing spawn

-Respect all staff

-Keep cussing to a minimal

-Don't use quarrys 100 blocks from spawn

-No spamming


The immortals is a small dedicated DDos protected server.We are a small group looking for new players to come join the server.

We also have an enjin website!  www.immortalswarpack.enjin.com

I am the Owner of the modpack and the server.


Banned items


-Matter Cannon (It can grief spawn)

-npc tools (for staff only)

-Mining Laser (bypasses protection)

-Dynamite(bypasses protection)

-Sticky Dynamite (bypasses protection)

-Lancaster Bomber (Bugged out)

-Vortex Manipulator (Crashes server)

-Florbs (Bypasses spawn)


The mods in the modpack that is currently installed


Ars Magica 2 
Weeping Angels 
Dynamic tanks 
Flan Modern weapons 
manus civil package 
Ye old Pack 
Atomic science 
Extra Cells 
Thermal expansion 
Universal electricity 
ic2 Nuclear Control 
Nether Ores 
Damage Indicators 


There will be more mods added soon.


Here is pictures of the server






Heres a youtube link of the server :)




The server has Basic plugins all server needs

like essentials,Banitem, Votifier,ect



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