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Morph Mod ERROR


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I just started playing attack of the b-team, and I have an issue; I can't access the morph menu. The default key is used to switch the minimap to "cave mode" or something, and in the controls section the keybind for the morph mod is not working (and I've changed it several times). Also the name of the keybind is "click for Keybinds" which makes it even more confusing >.<

 Anyways, help would be greatly apreciated as I can't switch back to any mob I've killed (I can demorph using the comand or the clones menu)

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Hello. I hope I can help with a few ideas:

1. Try it out a bit more ingame.

2. If you have an older backup where it all worked, replace the new config file with the old config file (morph.cfg)

3. Try changing the keys in the config manually , keys are here: (minecraft wiki)

4. If nothing works, try to reset or update your packs. Just backup and replace the worlds



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