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Keep losing my Dragon!


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I have tamed two dragons now but when I log out the game and back in a few days later the dragons have gone. I just don't mean 'gone' as in moved or wondering around, I mean no longer in the game.


I hached one red dragon, tamed it. Made a home for him, got him in his new home and tethered him. Got a bone and made him sit. I also hatched a black dragon for the boyfriend and put it in the home, tethered ready for the boyfriend to tame. Logged out and 2 days later logged back in, (this is my solo world). My dragon was gone and the boyfriends was just wondering around.


'Oh well' I thought and started to hatch and tame a new red dragon while putting the boyfriends black dragon back in his home. But alas the same thing happen again after logging out/in!


I don't know if it's the design of the home or what.. The black dragon has the top and my red on the lower.

You can just see the tail of the black dragon in my Witchery farm.






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Instead of tethering them, try crafting a name tag, and making your dragons. It seems the tether is misbehaving.

Make sure to get some way to close the dragon pens, however.

Thanks, i'll try them tips the next time the boyfriend and I are playing at the same time (sunday or wednesday are our days of work). Name the dragons and i'll try some carpenter's gates.

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Ok so we have hit another problem with the dragons.


The boyfriend and I play on my word from my PC via the LAN.


He hatched his dragon. Gave it fish and we saw the little red hearts come off the dragon. He put the name tag on his dragon but when he tried to put a saddle on it or use the bone all he gets is "This dragon dosen't follow your commands". I can use the bone on his dragon and put the saddle on.


Is it because it's my LAN Single player world were using? Will all the dragons we hatch be mine automatically even if the boyfriend tames it?

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