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[help request] Mo' Foods and crops mod with tekkit SMP

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Ive been trying to get Mo' foods and crops on my tekkit server. the mod is below. I have had to edit the config on the client part to add the ID's without crashing. Mo foods runs on single player tekkit with no problem. On SMP though, there is no config for this mod. it apears that nether ores is the issue and ide like to remove it but everytime i do i get this error.

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: RedPowerCore: BlockID 136 exists, autoAssign is disabled.

at forge.MinecraftForge.killMinecraft(MinecraftForge.java:355)

at eloraam.core.Config.getBlockID(Config.java:163)

at net.minecraft.server.RedPowerBase.initMicroblocks(RedPowerBase.java:229)

at net.minecraft.server.RedPowerBase.initialize(RedPowerBase.java:283)

at net.minecraft.server.mod_RedPowerCore.initialize(mod_RedPowerCore.java:39)

at net.minecraft.server.mod_RedPowerLighting.initialize(mod_RedPowerLighting.java:37)

at net.minecraft.server.mod_RedPowerLighting.ModsLoaded(mod_RedPowerLighting.java:16)

at net.minecraft.server.ModLoader.init(ModLoader.java:706)

... 4 more

The links to the mod is here.

mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/781133-124smpbukkitmo-foods-and-crops-beer-and-wine-brewing/page__hl__food

bukkit port: http://www.mcportcentral.co.za/index.php?topic=1360.0

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