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[1.0.8] bteam.VentureMC.net [PvE][Economy][200 Slots]

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Welcome to VentureMC
IP #1: bteam.venturemc.net
IP #2: aspiregames.us
IP #2: aspiregames.no-ip.org
TS #1: ts.venturemc.net
TS #2: ts.aspiregames.us
TS #2: aspiregames.no-ip.org
Venture is a new server group and we are looking to host many more servers!
On the menu today is "Attack Of The B-team"
So.. Interested? How about our specs?
This is a DEDICATED Server, NOT A HOST
Which means Less Lagg, Less Issues
This is a 24/7 PvP/Raid Server,
The Specs of the server? nahh im not going to tell you that,
We have an 8 Core Dual Xenon Prossessor
Paired with 32GB's Of Ram
and 700MB'S!!!! Internet Connection.
Impressive Eh?
So... WHat You Waiting for? 
Now introducing the new attack of the B-team mod pack now combines the worlds of magic and 
science as never before. This brand new mod pack may seem overwhelming at first with its 
inclusion of GalactiCraft Mars, Biome's O Plenty, Flan's gun mod, Witchery, Necromancy and
 many, many more! Now but before you summon your undead minions and blast off to Mars or go 
 spelunking in the Nether's ash fields you're going to need some tools and with the Updated 
 T-construct mod you'll have just that. Is there anything better than a diamond tipped Slime 
 edged sword? We don’t think so. Construct elaborate space stations or take a leisurely walk
 among the myriad of newly implemented biomes the choice is yours. 
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