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Corrupt chunk crashing?

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Recently some players have had some issues with my server and have been walking around and they come across random chunks that crash their client. When they try to log back in, they crash.. There are currently 3 solutions that I have found to fix this issue but they are all really frustrating... You can restart the server, you can delete their player file, or you can wait a few hours and log back in. The chunk eventually allows them to come back into the server eventually but it's really annoying.


How can I fix this issue? I currently have no client side log of it happening as it hasn't happened to me. The server just spits out end of stream for them and they disconnect.



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I've seen this with chunks where minions have made changes, opening them in MCEdit and just saving fixed it for me (those chunks also typically caused huge lag for players nearby, so that was a good indicator for players who didn't crash).

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