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Please help me and tell me what to do I'm Mad, Frustrated and ready to tear my computer piece to piece!!!!!!!!!!!! The server i was playing on had a crash right then B-TEAM wouldnt open i reset it then i opened it. I was trying to join the server and it says specificly!! logging in ....... THEN CRASHES AND OPENS THE TECHNIC LAUNCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP me now technic people and mods or creator i am PISSED so PISSED READY TO QUIT TECHNIC!!! PLease help me tell me what to do....

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Relax, breathe there buddy, we'll get to the bottom of this :)


Try this;

1: Open the folder %AppData%/.technic/modpacks/attack-of-the-bteam/saves/mapwriter_mp_worlds/198_24_147_174_25565

2: There's a file in there called mapwriter.cfg, rename it to something else or move it out of there.

3: Try running the game again.

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