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Looking for 2 mature over 18 adults with good internet and Skype.


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The topic title sounds like im posting an ad on a singles forum for an internet date. Whoa! there dont get excited cause thats not the case. 


Anyways, Im DingoX3 and I have a Youtube channel that I've been running for about a year now and I would really like to get things rolling and upload some great LP's,Tutorials or whatever crazy stuff me and everyone else involved can come up with. Im pretty serious when it comes to the quality of my videos so I'm looking for someone with good internet, a decent mic, and a skype account. I have my own server run by Mcpro hosting. I try to keep it updated as much as possible and it runs pretty smooth 95% of the time. It has its moments like any server. (Sorry, getting kinda long winded here.) So, if you think your up to the challenge of being committed to making several videos a week and you would like to join in on this epic adventure, let me know. I live on the East Coast so someone inAustralia probably wont fit into my schedule. Also, If you would like to check out my Youtube channel before responding its www.youtube.com/dingox3gamer You can leave me a message on here in the forum or on my youtube channel. Hope to hear from you guys soon. See ya around.

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I've been looking for a B-Team server to join so this sounds good to me. I'm 22 and live near Chicago so the time difference wouldn't be bad, only 1 hour behind. Ive got 60 down and 12 up so my internet is good (as long as Comcast doesn't feel the need to kick me offline lol). I have a set of Astro a50's  so my mic is pretty good i believe. I usually just stream the modpack when I play I haven't gotten into the youtube side. If you're interested, send me a message on here and ill send you my skype name, it's the same as my real name so I'd rather not post it on here. Thanks.

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