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MFR Laser Drill


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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew if there were config files that dictated what color Laser Foci correspond to what kind of Ore? There are so many tables and charts out there that contradict each other, I wanted to just look for myself, and/or possibly add ores that were missing. I specifically am looking to generate Yellorite or Uranium Ore for use with my Big Reactors. Mod creator said he thought the correct lens was Cyan, but I heard someone else mention Lime.


Additionally, I was wondering if anyone was an expert at dealing with the Laser Drill in general in the latest version of Tekkit and feeding it RF style power. I have a Tesseract on top of the drill with power from each side of the tesseract going to each of the 4 prechargers. They light up Red, which I don't know what that means, and the power meter looks frozen, but I timed the work on the drill with a stop watch, and it seems to be going fast, an ore every 12 seconds. And as I removed prechargers, the speed kept going down. So even though they looked frozen, they are still doing the job.


My multimeter indicates they are pulling about 5000 RF/t each. Just want to know if that is accurate.

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