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Builders Kingdom B-team (60 slots, DONATORS URGENTLY NEEDED, nice staff)

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Builders Kingdom used to be a small minecraft 1.7.4 server but now i have updated it to ATTACK OF THE B-TEAM (yay)

but this server will be shutting donw on the 15th march 2014 (GB time) other than it being attack of the b-team i have added Drzarks Mo creatures mod for 1.6.4 there is a video on how to install it on my channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/Crazyproductions0



another ip that might work:error.serverminer.com

and another:mc13.serverminer.com:25805


We hope to see you on soon, Good day!!


Also reply to this post with what you think should be on the server 

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