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  1. In-game name : ShinxSundae Age:16 Fave color for starter kit: Purple Timezone/Country: Central Time, USA
  2. poop has a really nice texture, its so soft, slimy, but its really stinks. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
  3. Name: ShinxSundae Age: 14 Why to join server?: I've been joining whitelist servers for a long time now but just cannot find the perfect one, I would like a perfect server to join with no-lag and fewest players, And in my opinion I think this server is worthy.
  4. Shinxsundae I like to play in whitelist servers so i can work peacefully and not get attacked 14 but i can act mature, i wont whine i cannot bring, but i can build. if thats ok yes yes no looking foward to the reply
  5. Hey, I would like to play on your server. My names ShinxSundae. Thanks!
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