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  1. Would love a whitelist mate, my username is "xXFadiXx". No special reason for wanting to join, I just want to play.
  2. So two times is "a lot" not counting the restarts that people wanted. Anyway I just fixed and for the others, I'll review the applications in 2 hours.
  3. Sorry I was out of town wasn't able to monitor the server properly, it's back on now.
  4. There are still places guys, we're having lots of fun, we'd love if others would join us!
  5. ich weiss bro, es gibt keine deutsche servers im attack of the b-team :/, I'm not a native German either Everybody is accepted
  6. Energic-Network No fancy logo sorry We're looking for mature players only. Let me just hit you with some truth, if you f**k around, you're surely going to be banned and you won't be able to appeal your ban and all of your diamonds will be mine So yeah, we don't like trolls who want to ruin the fun of others so, just be chill, have fun with the other lads and simply don't break the rules, won't be hard to follow the guidelines. IP Adress energic.j3w.biz Website energic.j3w.biz IRC irc.verque.org:default port on #e-net Rules No Griefing No f**k*ng around with anyone Don
  7. It still doesn't work , also your mumble server needs a password?. Nevermind about it, I thought it needed the full form of the year as in example :1996 but it turned out to just be fine using 96 I've applied by the way
  8. Your application thing is broken, at least the birthdate one. It doesn't let me submit the year. Example: 24/12/1996 I can't get to add the "/1996" part.
  9. IGN: xXFadiXx Age: 15 Why do you want to join: Simply to play. Have you watched any Forgecraft videos: Not much but enough. Have you been banned: Nope. If so why: N/A
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