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How to get previous versions (1.0.8) for AOTBT

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Hi I've recently updated to 1.0.9 for AOTBT and the server I was playing on is still 1.0.8 and I cant find anything on the inter-webs about how to get previous versions of this modpack (I'm also not very good with computers so keep that in mind) if anyone knows how I'd appreciate it if you'd help. :quagmire:  :parrot:

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While having the launcher open and b-team selected on the left side, there is a gear below the "Attack of the B-Team" logo.

Click on it and select "Manually select a build". Then select your desired version from the dropdownmenu, press save and you are good to go.


The launcher will "up/downgrade" to the version you selected then.

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