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  1. Did you notice anything else that is not vanilla working? Like finding other ores then the vanilla ones or a biome not included in vanilla? If so its pretty likely you have used the wrong file to start your server. Which file did u use to start your server? minecraft_server.1.6.4.jar or BTeam.jar? You should have used the BTeam.jar
  2. I love the idea of sharing creative solutions, but i'm not a fan of posting pictures with other texturepacks than the default one. Why? Because not everyone knows what machine is where in those pictures until he get the TP for himself and compares the machines he build with the picture. But anyways: great setup and investigating!
  3. No hoster is really the best to host... ... as every user has its own requirements. Even a hoster who hosting only minecraft servers is not the best to host your server. The only "Best one" is a powerfull root with plenty of capacity for servers where you have FULL controll over the system. Wich location for the server do you preffer? How much players do you expect? Any specials you want to offer to your players? (dynmap, remote controll, economy?)
  4. Well, all i do is use them to cover pipes in places where i dont want them to be seen...
  5. Ever thought of the "Nullifier"? http://teamcofh.com/index.php?page=nullifier Acts like the Incinerator (if anyone remembers it)
  6. Automatic treefarm with 6-8 redstonefurnaces. Update-proof setup...
  7. Well, have a look onto the Poppet Shelf.
  8. The amount of RAM your server uses/is able to use id determined through the command when you start your server... That's why i'm asking for this command...
  9. Row 7 of your pastebin explains it all...
  10. ProjectRed provides all the logic gates, pipes used for a fullautomatic storagesystem, Backpacks, Red Alloy Wire (a redstone replacement with alot more range and possible ways to deploy) and of course the lamps. So i'd say its a well needed and used mod... But, well... if you can live to play without them, feel free to... And if you tend to get some malware while updating Java, id recommend to you having a closer look on where you are loading the update from... Anything else than www.java.com should be suspiciuous at first sight...
  11. Instead of removing well needed and usefull mods, i'd suggest updating your java to the newest version....
  12. Its not talking about your free DISK-space, its about your free RAM Try to set the value for RAM the launcher may use to a higher level inside the launchers options.
  13. Try to explain what you allready tryed to solve your problem. And please provide a few Logfiles launcher logfiles can be found at: %appdata%.techniclogs b-team log can be found at: %appdata%.technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteam java version: run a cmd window, type "java -version"
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