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Mods I Wish To Be Added


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Hi me and a few friends do a YouTube series of attack of the b team and i thought of a few mods that could be added:



Flans Mod Vehicles (Cars and stuff) also a few gun packs

Party Mod

Card Magic Mod

Power Of The Elements mod


Feel Free to post anymore in the comments


i hope this get looked at and these mods are added

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Flans mod is most likely not going to be further expanded.

There are already guns included and the Titans fit the theme of the pack best.


Traincraft sound interesting enough, but between Morph, Advanced Genetics and Archimedes Ship Mod, what would you need trains for?


I'll give you Card Magic Mod. That sounds pretty neat. But at the same time... eh. Somewhat underwhelming.


EDIT: And most things OreSpawn does are covered by other mods already included.

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fair enough for the flans a nad trains but the orespawn implents i think it is over 150 new mobs which would make the biomes a bit more lively in the day time and no mod in the pack allows you to mine ore that can be changed into mobs via caged mobs apart from fossil mod but that on you have to have a large build up before doing so, also flans i only wish for a may the nerf gun pack or panitball for non killing fun

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