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when i make a new world it shuts down, it's annoying


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That's weird, there's a bunch of errors with ExtrabiomesXL and Buildcraft, Ars Magica and Thaumcraft are installed - are you sure you're running the B-Team and if so, are you sure you gave us the right log?


Can you try again, but this time run the B-Team before getting the log so I can find the error more easily? (it'll be at the end of the file that way)

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I'm seeing a problem with mapwriter... do you have a texture/resource pack like Sphax PureBDCraft installed?


Also, are there any client crash logs if you look in here?;


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Cog on the left, Bobby, there's one at the top (looks like the one you clicked) and there's one on the left under the b-team menu icon.


Navyseal, it's probably best to post up on the tracker and I'll take a look at it there, links to help are in my sig.

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