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Won't open anymore - help?


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I went to play and it asked if I wanted to update, so I clicked yes.
And now it won't work.

It pops open, and then it closes before anything pops up.

I tried going to the version before and it didn't work then either.

Help me, please? :c

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Ah crap, >I was too slow.


Ok, you have three options;

1: Go back to an earlier version of B-Team (not so great as you don't know what'll be in future versions and you might want that stuff, also stops multiplayer most likely).

2: Upgrade to OSX Lion or newer (not so great as your Mac might not support it, it also costs money if you can't run the Mavericks version).

3: Use a workaround to install java 1.7 on snow leopard anyway.  I provided an example you can try in this post; 

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1. Doesn't work as in how?  This option should have no chance of failing unless you've already been into a world with the new version, which shouldn't have been possible with this error.  Do you mean more figuratively, as in it's an unacceptable outcome, rather than it actually doesn't work when you try to change it?  This is important, as it might indicate something wrong.

2. That's why I mentioned the Mavericks option in there, it's not a great situation you're in, and that's the only free option out - if your Mac will support it.

3. It worries me a little that if you struggled with option 1 and you didn't look into option 2 you went onto option 3 - it's the most complicated with the possible exception of the OS upgrade, and it's the most difficult.  What exactly did you do when you say "I did all that"?  Can you run me through the steps you took to make sure there's nothing missed?


Are we going with trying 3?  That's how it seems, I just want to be sure.

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