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is it always this?:


java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space



and also this seems bit low to me:

Memory: 56374048 bytes (53 MB) / 487653376 bytes (465 MB) up to 487653376 bytes (465 MB)
JVM Flags: 3 total; -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversForPerformance_javaw.exe_minecraft.exe.heapdump -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m
but I'm no Pro at reading these logs
are you sure you're running it on 3GB?
are you using the latest 64 bit java version?
do you have 64 and 32bit java installed (I had problems with that and uninstalled the 32 bit and reinstalled the 64 bit version)
Edit: are you able to run the singleplayer?
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hmm like I said, I'm no pro in reading these logs, but this reads strange when you have the 32bit version installed:


Java VM Version: Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Sun Microsystems Inc.



and since Minecraft 1.5.x (I think) minecraft automatically starts a local server when playing on singleplayer (as far as I understood it)

so it's strange that you can play on your own local server and directly crash on a public one...


do you have another PC available to test if it also crashes on a server in the same network?

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