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Problms with Project red transport pipes


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Hello people I have a server running AOTBT 1.0.9c loving it btw But I'm building a nice storage room for all my stuff well my wife she likes just wants to take out stuff from a chest but I like tech so I added pipes all over now this worked before last update but now if an item leaves a chest it will bounce around the system bouncing between the junction pipes but if it meets another interface pipe it bounces there to never reaches and before I knew I had hundreds of items running in pipes its driving me crazy Please can some one help

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I honestly disconnected it and started a new base. The problem occurs with both responder and terminator chips, so I reckon it's an error in the system that works out the shortest route. It seems to happen in large walls of connected interface pipes.


Someone submit a bug tracker, and those of us on this thread can go confirm it, and then it might get fixed

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I noticed that after 1.09c any loops in the system were not resolved, after removing my loops and creating a hub/spoke layout where every inventory/request pipe was on a spoke solved my items bouncing between routing junctions.

I also noticed some funky behaviour with deep torage units, even though it was a 20 blocks closer to the input all items happily moved past my deep storage units spoke and went for the chest inventory. To solve this i messed about with the broadcaster chip (hiding 1 per stack setting) but also made the items pass the interface pipe on route to the chests.


Not the cleanest solution, but i have not found a way to filter a whole network segment yet, the routing pipes are black magic to me ;-)

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