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??? Minons Mod ??? need help


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Well I just got my masters staff, spawned some of the minons in, everything is cool, cool, but as I get in my little flying ship thing, my game crashes. Whenever I come back on, my whole entire house is gone, what the hell ?? Is this part of the mod ?

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If you're talking about the archimedes ship mod (did you place a 'ship helm'?) then it's easy enough to break your base with if it's small.


Here's what probably happened;

1: When you use the helm it looks at all the blocks its touching to determine what the ship is - if it's touching your base directly then it'll try to pick it up.

2: If your base+ship is less than 2048 blocks all up then it'll succeed.

3: If you're using carpenters blocks anywhere in the stuff it's collected it'll crash when it picks them up.

4: When you come back to the world, it may have removed the bad entity (the ship, with your base connected to it), or you may still be on the ship (press F5 to see).


Archimedes ships won't pick up dirt, water and I think sand and gravel too, and they've got special buffer blocks you can build which they'll also ignore that you can use as a landing pad if you don't want to use dirt.

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