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Can i please get some help this is starting to get annoying

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its just like a lot of other guys, turns out its just an update issue just pick an previus modpack version and it shoud work again.....when i updated my attack of the b team this issue  just started and now its good again...well hope it works for you.

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Andsuu, the problem you've probably 'fixed' is that you're using java 6 (from 2011) rather than java 7.  If you don't update, you're likely to run into this kind of problem again in the future.


1.0.8 didn't need java 7, so you got away with it.  It's possible that it'll be 'fixed' in the next version, however it's also possible that it'll never be 'fixed' and with Java 8 coming out in less than a week it seems unlikely that people will offer more support to the 2011 version in the future.



Arperez, try updating java to version 7 and if you have any trouble after that please post a launcher log on the tracker (info on how is in my sig).

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