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[Resolved]Technic Launcher don't allowed memory I want !


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Hi all,

before explain my problem I have to say that my english is not good. So pleaze, excuse me for it.


I have a vista 64bit with a java7 64bit and 5.5Go RAM but when I try to give 2Go RAM to minecraft (Attack of the Bteam, of course), It just don't work.


I have all chooses untill 5Go, so I try to allow 2Go and I save settings. It work in the launcher, but when I'm in game, minecraft say me there is only 477Mo allowed.


I tryed many things like uninstall and reinstall java or try with a bat file but... nothing works...


I realy don't know what I can do...


So please, help me =/


Thank's you and have good day

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I found the origin of the problem...

There was a windows global variable that set max memory of java to 512M.


If other people have same problem, just do it :

=> Windows Menu => right click on " computer " => property => Advanced system parameter => Environment variables

There, look for the _JAVA_OPTIONS and look the value.


My value was " -Xmx512M " and that set the maximum memory for java to 512M. I changed to 3G and it run perfectly now !

Sorry to post this thread and finaly resolve it myself quickly... I hope it will maybe help other people :)

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