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Will not get past Mojang screen


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I am running 64-bit windows 7 with the latest 64-bit java, the settings on the start up only give me the option to choose between allowing 512 MB, 768 MB, and 1 GB.  None of these are sufficient to get past the mojang screen, all help is appreciated, thanks!

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If there aren't any errors or anything like that it may be because 1GB of ram isn't enough to load all of the mods into, let alone running the game as well. So if you did manage to load in, the game would probably crash because java ran out of memory. 


I went on ahead and switched my client down to 1GB to see if I got the same thing and I... Oh whoops I launched Hexxit. lol. 


While loading up the memory usage in task manager went from 300,000kb up to 1,000,000kb, but some how java managed to add additional memory because the usage went past 1,400,000kb during the loading. So it didn't crash for me, but I'm still guessing that that's your problem.


How much memory does your system have and can you double check and be absolutely sure you have 64-bit java and the latest version of it?

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DragonRuins, my computer has a total of 3 GB of ram, and yes, i am positive that i am running 64-bit Java.  As for loader, thank you but i have already done that, and only have the 64-bit Java on my laptop.  Just to clarify, it will ot allow me to add any more then 1 GB and im not sure why since it was allowing me to previously.  Thanks!

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