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Tekkit server path problems

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I didnt play with the server for about 2 weeks, but when me and my friend wanted to start playing again, it wouldn't start. It keeps saying

stack traceback:

dan200.computer.shared.FileSystemException: No such path

at dan200.computer.shared.FileSystem.mount(Filesystem.java:85

at dan200.computer.shared.Computer.initFileSystem(Computer.java:747

at dan200.computer.shared.Computer.access$30)Computer.java:741

at dan200.computer.shared.Computer$58.execute(computer.java:1822

at dan200.computer.shared.ComputerThread$1$1.run(computerThread.java:45

at java.lang.Thread.run(unknown Source)

org.luaj.vm2.LuaError: I0Exception: java.io.FileNotFoundException: .\mods\ComputerCraft\lua\bios.lva (The system cannot find the path specified)

What do i do? I scrolled up and everything else loaded fine, just not ComputerCraft it looks like.

Please help me. I also reinstalled the server 2.1.1 and same thing happened.

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