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[2.0.4] ThunderBite Network [PvP/Raid/Towny/Grief][100+ Slots] Low bannend items

Joshua Tack

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Welcome to the ThunderBite Network. A top notch gaming community, hosting only quality servers.
Server website: http://www.thunderbitenetwork.enjin.com
We sure don't say we are the best server out there. For the simple reason that every server is diffrent.
=====| Server Info |======
- Low banned items (list in spawn)
- Patched duping
- Dedicated staff
- Great uptime 99.9% average uptime. (great for a voltzserver i think)
- Minigames in the making
- Economy Based
- Towny
  ======| Why Towny and not Factions |=======
  Everyone knows factions is a simple to use plugin and gives people the opportunity to (over)claim territory at almost no cost.

This is why we use Towny. Towny is alot more advanced and that gives us the opportunity to provide an a lot more advanced

claiming. This also allows us to let the Economy be a bigger part of the server.

This gives a more realistic feel to the game. As you need to pay to keep your town online.



- More economy based

- Better claiming and player management

- Option to ally/war with towns.

- Allows the creation of Nations to create a stronger military force.

This also gives the opportunity to create worldwide wars

- You can disallow/allow pvp, fire spread, monster spawning in all of your claimed areas.

- Regeneration of wilderness if a town falls into ruins

- Towns get disbanded if playeres are inactive removing the claims and allowing

others to reclaim the land



- Majority of the players does not know how to use Towny properly

- Towny rarely has the intention to break and force the server to go into Safemode.

- You cannot overclaim territory (might be annoying to some people)

- High cost of creating a town. (this is to prevent 1 player towns)

- Limited claimblocks


======| Server Rules |=======
- Common sense should be enough of a rule.
- If you dont have that. use /rules
==============| Other |===============
- If you have any suggestions please share them with us.
- Item loss due to bugs or things along those lines will NOT be refunded.
Server ip: voltz.thunderbite.net

Edited by Joshua Tack
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